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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, great writer killed by a terrible disease

On January 29, 1860 was born Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Russian writer (d. July 15, 1904).

Chekhov was born in Taganrog, Azov Sea city.

Between 1867 and 1879 made primary and secondary education in his hometown. Attend theater and leading a students magazine.

After his father flee from Moscow is forced to pay meditations. In 1879, begin medical studies in Moscow and helps his family financially by publishing humorous magazines.

Young Chekhov (left) with brother Nikolai in 1882 photo:

After graduation in 1884, professes around Moscow. In 1886, the magazine Novoye begin working time (New Times) headed by Alexei Suvorin, who will be editor. During this period, public prose, working and his plays.

Young Chekhov in 1882 photo:

In 1890, performs a voyage to Sakhalin Island, where recenzează population.

During his voyage to Italy, from 1894, his health worsens. In 1896, Constantin Stanislavski knows who will direct the plays.

In 1897, a hospital, touched the pulmonary tuberculosis. Between 1897 and 1901 his plays (Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters) are published and staged. Olga Knipper married actiţa. In 1903, completes the play The Cherry Orchard. In 1904, the disease is getting worse and on July 2, dies in nursing home in Germany to Badenweiler.

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