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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

NASA's Chandra Observatory photographed "The Hand of God"

Pulsar B1509
A fascinating X-ray image of a "cosmic hand" was recorded by Chandra observatory

Chandra that rotates above the Earth at a height of 500 km, managed to photograph a rotating neutron star - a pulsar - that releases energy during its rotation. Although the pulsar is only 20 km in diameter, which gives birth nebula in space stretches over a distance of 150 light years.

 Pulsar called B1509, is located at a distance of 17,000 light-years from Earth. Golden-reddish portions of the photo represents parts of a neighboring gas cloud, energized by the flow of ions and electrons emitted by the pulsar. With a little imagination, the image can be likened to that of a hand, and astronomers have called a "hand of God", inspired by the "eye of God", another great cosmic image, obtained by European astronomers in February.

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