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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Colma from San Francisco'' The city of peace '' in wich the number of dead people exceeds that of the living

In  the southern city of San Francisco is the small town of Colma, where the number of deaths exceeds that of living persons.

Inside the city that stretches over a distance of five square kilometers are 17 cemeteries in which more than 1.5 million people dead.

Almost all the deceased were residents of San Francisco, but at the end of the last century the city has introduced an ordinance that prohibited the burial of the deceased was within the city limits. The government argued the decision stating that cemeteries spread disease, but the real reason was the increased price of terenelor within the city, which the government did not want to waste.

Hundreds of thousands of bodies were exhumed and transported on open land south of the city, such as Colma. Mostly the residents of Colma are gravediggers, florists or sculptors. It was not until 1980 the city began to appear afecerişti.

Colma city's history begins in the nineteenth century, beginning with California Gold Rush of 1849 brought rapid enrichment desire in California countless immigrants, traders and prospectors. But gold was not easy search, hundreds of people have died from diseases such as cholera.

In 1900, San Francisco city officials have said there is no room in city cemeteries, prohibiting further burials.

Currently, 1,800 people Coma and cemeteries are approximately 1.5 million deaths including famous American personalities such as Levi Strauss.

Extremely high number of deaths and has given the city the nickname ,, Town of Tranquility

Story source: Amusing Planet

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