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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

705 years since the dissolution of the mysterious Order of the Templars ( From Heroes of God to servants of the Devil )

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Pope Clement V ordered the dissolution of the Templars and their property passed into the possession of King Philip IV of France.
The opulence of Order and Rules which gives the organization the privileges of a state within a state are not like the King of Iron, Philip the Fair, a champion of national sovereignty that had the strength to send the chancellor, faithful Guillaume of Nogaret, to slap Pope Boniface VIII, when he asked the king to exempt from tax the French clergy. 
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Despite the aversion they have towards the Templars, Philip the Handsome borrow three times the Order, reaching the threshold of 1307 is practically buried in debt.

Also, trying to control how activities as Templars, King hopes to join the Order, but politely declined by the Grand Master, an unpardonable offense. Not least, reach the ears of Philip Order rumors that France would like to found a monastic state on the model established by Teutonic Prussia.

 All these aspects are undesirable in the eyes of the king's order; Philip IV, taking advantage of a puppet Pope Clement V, asking him his trusted man - Nogaret ( Guillaume de Nogaret )- prepare destruction of the Templars.

The machinations is driven by Esquieu of Floryan, former commander of Commanderies Temple at Montfaucon, expelled from the Order, which provides them Nogaret's written testimony showing that the Templars secret practice disgusting profane rituals

Relying on a claim of Grand Inquisitor of France, after long and painstaking army is preparing for this operation, on October 13, 1307, the king of all arrests in the United Templars. Stunned by what had happened, very few Templars protest, and less fighting - they are killed to the last.

Most Knights fall into the hands of the Inquisition, in the cellars which are systematically tortured, savagely and much sadism, and recognize all the accusations: they disowned Jesus practiced sodomy, worshiped the devil. Philip II prowess a real circus with plenty of accusations, trials, torture and retractions, Grandmaster playing in counter-attack, adopting attitudes silly, not understanding the seriousness of the situation and even refusing to defend the Order.

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