Friday, September 2, 2016

An unusual signal was obtained by Russian astronomers. It may have extraterrestrial origins

Signal is not very different from that used for digital television.

Astronomers have detected a burst of energy last year appeared to his level HD 164 595, a star located at a distance of about 94 light-years from Earth towards the constellation Hercules. This phenomenon was observed by Russian radiotelescope Ratan-600 and immediately aroused the interest of researchers seeking to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.

,, An international team of researchers announced detection of a strong signal came from the direction of HD164595. Nobody claimed it was caused by an extraterrestrial civilization, but the signal is so obvious that specialists operating Ratan-600 want the target to be monitored further, "says American author Paul Gilster his blog,, Centauri Dreams" .

The signal HD 164595 ( Maccone et al./Centauri Dreams)
Seth Shostak, an astronomer at the SETI Institute (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence), says that his team has recently tried again to detect the signal issued on 15 May 2015, but found nothing. Both Shostak and Gilster obtained information about the new discovery of the Italian astronomer Claudio Maccone, who collaborated with Russian researchers when they used the telescope Ratan-600.

Maccone Published results were analyzed by specialists. They argue that, in the event that they will prove to be true, would indicate the presence of signals from a star similar to the sun because it has a smaller table with only 1% to it, is younger by 100 million years, it has a similar temperature and, moreover, has a similar chemical composition.

During the research, astronomers have discovered a planet similar to Neptune orbiting the star HD 164595. that she was named ,, HD 164 595 ", and experts say it is possible that other cosmic objects of this kind exist in the area, but not have been detected until now.

Russian Astronomers are particularly fascinated by showing how the signal emitted by the star. He has a wavelength of about 2.7 centimeters and a frequency of 11 GHz, which means it is a very high frequency signal not very different from that used for digital television. Shostak argues that if it was real, the signal must have been extremely powerful to be detected on Earth.

The radio telescope Ratan-600 (Photo:александр с кавказа / Wikimedia)
Researcher at the SETI Institute clearly exclude the possibility that the signal had extraterrestrial origin. Specialist argues, first, that their astronomers had more than one year up to give early information about the signal they detected. Secondly, Ratan-600 radio telescope works with an error that does not allow him to ascertain with certainty whether the signal comes from a star system similar to that in the center of which is HD 164595. Moreover, the signal is so vast that is extremely difficult to verify.

SETI specialists will try again to find the new signals from HD 164 595, but expects first Maccone and Russian astronomers to publish their findings formally. Until then, the only hypothesis that American astronomers take still considering is the fact that the signals were emitted lens gravitational what would have been formed when the star HD 164 595 concentrated around its material universe.

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