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The man who made King Louis XIV one of the most powerful monarchs. How does he punish those who were making things worse

On August 29, 1619 was born Jean-Baptiste Colbert, a politician who has held several positions during King Louis XIV, including that of Controller General of Finance (1665-1683).

Because fiscal policy implemented, it managed to strengthen France's economic strength, so thanks to him, King Louis XIV became one of the most powerful monarchs.

He founded the royal factory mirrors replaced Venetian glass imports banned in 1672. Tododată developed upholstery industry and infrastructure. Jean-Baptiste Colbert founded the French merchant navy and dezoltat colonies. It issued 150 laws regelementau craft guilds. One of them aimed at improving quality of the water, so that when the authorities found in three different cases that a trader sails were unsatisfactory, he was linked in the public square of cloth attached to it. Colbert is the one who created and manorial system.

Despite its fiscal policies, France had problems because of excessive spending wars of the Sun King.

Jean-Baptiste Colbert died on September 6, 1683.

1632 - He was born John Locke, philosopher and politician; his "Some views on education", published in 1693, had a strong influence on the development of pedagogy in the eighteenth and nineteenth century (d. October 28, 1704).

1780 - He was born Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, painter, draftsman and engraver (d. January 14, 1867)

1829 - He was born Joseph Gheorghian Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of the Lower Danube (1879-1886), residing in Galati, where reorganizing church life in Dobrogea (d. January 24, 1909)

1862 - He was born Maurice Maeterlinck, Belgian French-language writer, Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1911, the most important symbolist playwright: "bluebird", "Treasure of the humble" (d. May 6, 1949)

1868 - A chemist Christian Friedrich died Schonbein, discoverer of ozone (n. 1799)

1915 - Born in Stockholm, actress Ingrid Bergman, wife of the famous Italian director Roberto Rossellini: "Casablanca" - having as partner Humphrey Bogart, "Intermezzo," "Goodbye Again", "Sonata Autumn" ( m. 1982).

1920 - was born the legendary jazzman Charlie Parker, known as the "Bird" or "Yardbird" (d. March 12, 1955)

1945 - He died actor Constantin Tanase; He remained in the public mind as the founder of the magazine Romanian theater (Theatre "Carabus", founded in 1919), an author and performer of couplets, like film actor, "Tanase's Dream" (b. July 5, 1880)

1952 - He died Dionysius lentils, ornithologist; He drew up the first classification of birds in Romania and has compiled and published the first systematic catalog of birds in our country (b. August 13, 1880).

1958 - Michael Jackson was born, singer, songwriter, dancer, most revered and controversial pop musician (d. June 25, 2009)

1975 - He died Theodor Constantin writer, one of the most famous growers cop genre ( "Lady in Purple", "Magdalena Midnight") (b. November 21, 1910)

1991 - Romania and Moldova have decided to establish diplomatic relations at embassy level

2005 - Hurricane Katrina hit America, the boundary between Louisiana and Mississippi states, killing at least 1,836 people

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