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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Devil's Kettle from Brule River in Minnesota, USA.

Devil 'Kettle is a name worthy of a horror movie, when, in fact, is just a mysterious place located on Brule River in Minnesota, USA.

At one point, the river is divided into two different waterfalls: the first feed Lake Superior and the destination of the two is a bit more mysterious.

It is a mystery both for scientists and for nature enthusiasts. Nobody can explain where this river flow ends. The second cascade disappears immediately after entering a hole in the ground.

The Devil's Kettle photo:
These holes, called "Kettels" are located on the entire state of Minnesota and often can be traced quite easily. But when it comes to "Kettle Devil" from the multitude conducted any test could not elucidate what happens to the water and disappears. Scientists have tried many times to throw a GPS in this waterfall, but the device became undetectable after he descended into "hell"

If we exclude the mysterious landmarks, it is very curious to find out what kind of undiscovered geological phenomena may be responsible for this bizarre.

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