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Day the Tsar Peter the Great of Russia (1672-1725) imposes tax on beards ...

Tsar Peter the Great of Russia (photo: construction
Clergy and peasantry were exempt from paying this tax.

It is said that somewhere in the administrative records of the Massachusetts there is a charge for very rough beard wearers. But often such rumors about bizarre and old law given by various US states 150-200 years ago are simply urban legends.

Fortunately, history has hidden in her sleeve and a concrete and verifiable on such a charge, and for this we must thank Peter the Great of Russia (1672-1725). Peter and I were assigned to all the attributes available, ranging from "radical" to "crazy"; however, the tax imposed on beard since September 5, 1698 is likely to classify unequivocally in the latter category. 

In addition, as evidence additional to that of too much love (or obsession) for the modernization of Russia, Tsar hatred actually beards, those men who do not give any nohow to ornament facial and accepted to pay the tax, however, were forced public to wear medals attesting that their beards are absolutely ridiculous.

An unexpected comeback hatred toward beard took place in Romania during the communist period,  were not regarded favorably by the militia because they were considered intellectuals and potentially dangerous for the regime.

Mundo teach you through the main historical significance of the day 5 September:

1666 - Great Fire of London Ends: 10,000 buildings, including St Paul's Cathedral are destroyed, but only 6 people died;

1698 - Tsar Peter the Great of Russia introduced a tax on beards, except clergy and peasantry, to compel the people to give up habits Oriental;

1725 - The wedding of King Louis XV of France with Marie Leszczyńska;

1905 - Under the mediation of US President Theodore Roosevelt, Russo-Japanese War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth;

1914 - World War I: Started First Battle of the Marne, in which 550,000 soldiers died after the French army attacked the German army advance towards Paris;

1916 - World War I: Battle of Bazargic started;

1939 - Japan and the United States declares its neutrality in the "European war";

1940 - Suspension of the Constitution in February 1938; King Charles II gives Marshal Ion Antonescu main royal prerogative;

1944 - The Fourth Romanian Army stops German-Hungarian offensive in central Transylvania;

1972 - Olympic Games in Munich: Eight Arab terrorists, representing the militant group "Black September" broke into the Olympic Village, killed two members of the delegation of Israel and took them hostage on other 9. During the rescue operation the hostages died 5 terrorists and a policeman.

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