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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The top 40 most intelligent people in history PHOTO. Einstein is second. In the list entered and the man who made the perfect crime

A group of the most intelligent people in the world have helped humanity throughout time recently in Chicago Libb engineer Thim compiled a list of people who have changed the world.

Missing from the list, however, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking. Other people believe that Shakespeare's intelligence can not be compared with that of Marie Curie. The list included personalities at a rate IQ over 200.

Since the time of Nicolaus Copernicus there were no tests to measure IQ, Thims COX methodology used to predict the IQ of historical personalities.

Below is the list of the 40 most intelligent people:

1. Johann Goethe list ranks him as the smartest man in history, with an IQ between 210-225. It created the first theory of evolution, also laid the foundations of chemistry and was a literal genius, ability,, reflected in opera Faust '.

2.  Creator of the theory of relativity Albert Einstein is the second most intelligent man in history, with an IQ between 160-225

3. In third place ranks Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance painter, architect, musician, mathematician, who made the Mona Lisa portrait and imagined helicopters before they are invented.

4. Issac Nwton ranks fourth. The famous physicist and mathematician who formulated the theory English law of gravity and motion of bodies have IQ between 190-200.

5. James Maxwell had an IQ between 190 and 205, it is a recognized physicist Einstein's theories predecessor. He developed the theory of electromagnetic radioaĊ£iilor.

6. Rudolf Clausius was a German physicist who created the second law of thermodynamics, was also the first to suggest that molecules are made of atoms, he had an IQ between 190-205.

7. Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish astronomer and mathematician has created a new model of the Universe positioning the sun in its center, his IQ was located between 160 and 200.

8. Gottfried Leibniz had an IQ between 182 and 205, was a German philosopher who has made an important contribution in the field of physics and language, developing a new law on movement and philosophy of language.

9. With an IQ between 200 and 300, William Sidis genius is considered one of the children inspiration for the film Good Will Hunting.

10. Thomas Young ranks ten with an IQ between 185 and 200. He made discoveries in human anatomy and optics, including changing shape when the eye focuses an object.

11. Carl Gauss had an IQ between 250 and 300 German mathematician was a child prodigy who helped in the field of algebra and statistics.

12. Galileo Galilei, the famous Italian mathematician, discovered that Venus goes through several phases and Jupiter would have four stars of the moon. His IQ is between 180-200.

13. Leonhard Euler is the founder of mathematics, with an IQ between 180-200.

14. Nikola Tesla, inventor of the Tesla coil and transatlantic telecommunications system, his IQ is between 140-310.

15. William Shakespeare has an IQ of 210 is known as the best English writer, realizing the most popular operas in the world.

16. Francois-Marie Arouet is considered one of the best French writers. It has been a critic of Descartes, his IQ is between 190-200.

17. Ettore Majorana
 Italian physicist, one of the experts who discovered subatomic particle reaction, his IQ hovering between 183-200.

18. Emanuel Swedenborg had an IQ of 165-210, known for his theological work, being able to describe Heaven and Hell so it could visit them whenever he wants.

19. Chrtopher Hirata was a prodigy, an astrophysicist at NASA employee of 16 years old to investigate the colonization of Mars, his IQ is 225.

20. John Stuart Mill, a philosopher who is still contested by politicians today, his IQ is located between 180-200.

21. Terence Tao, nicknamed ,, Mozzard mathematics'. Tao was a child prodigy who contributed to number theory and harmonic analysis.

Hypatia of Alexandria was 22. astronomer and mathematician of century-IV, he was killed for his futuristic ideas, his IQ is between 170 and 210.

23. Hugo Grotius has an IQ of 200, the first lawyer from the list. Dutch jurist has contributed to international law.

24. Thomas Wolsey, the same IQ as its predecessor, Henry VIII's second century, was able to control the state and the church in the shadows.

25. Marie Curie, chemist and physicist Polish pioneer of radioactivity research. She was the first woman to win two Nobel prizes, his IQ is between 180-200.

26. Francis Galton had an IQ of 200. It is the inventor of modern weather map and was the first to suggest that the prints can be caught a killer.

27. Ung-Yong is Kim IQ between 200 and 210 was a child genius was rumored that began three years to four years university courses and learned to speak four languages.

28. Edith Stern is still a child genius with an IQ between 200 and 203. Stern was raised by his father to become the perfect man, he began college at age 12.

29. Dylan Jones had an IQ of 200, he graduated at the age of 16.

30. Sho Yano have the same IQ as that of his predecessor, was the youngest student at the University of Chicago

31. Michael Grost entered college at 10 years, is now working in IT.

32. Naida Camukova managed to learn to speak seven languages, his IQ is 200.

33. Michael Kearney was one of the genius children diagnosed with ADHD, by the age of 22 years won four titles.

34. Adragon De Mello had an IQ of 400, is a child genius who left university 11 years.

Ainan Cawley is 35. British prodigy.

36. Marnen kosher Laibow have an IQ of 268, is one child genius who now works as a web developer and composer.

37. Nathan Leopold had an IQ between 200 and 210. The child has become a criminal genius with Richard Loeb killed a boy to perform the perfect crime.

38. Christopher Langan was known as the smartest man in America. He developed cognitive theoretical model of the Universe.

39. Marilyn vos Savant had an IQ between 127 and 228, was a child prodigy who became a writer.

40. Rick Rosner is an unconventional genius, he worked as a stripper and the TV has an IQ between 140 and 250.

The list included many women, but far fewer than men because women have not had the same level of education.

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