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Monday, August 8, 2016

More than two centuries ago, a ghost ship was discovered in the Arctic. The sailors who explored were frightened after they boarded - PHOTO

The ghost vessel has been the subject of numerous novels and movies.

On 11 October 1775 off the west coast of Greenland, the crew of the vessel revealed Herald,, Octavius ghost ship ". The sailors reported when they found the frozen corpses on board the ship, almost perfectly preserved, 28 sailors. More Besides, the captain was found in his cabin, sitting at the table writing with a feather in his hand. the same place was found the body of a woman, that of a child and of a sailor.

When they left the wreck, vessel Herald sailors took with them only the captain's logbook. Last mentioned in the document: November 11th 1762. Octavius was in the Arctic for nearly 13 years.
There are many legends about the sinking spent in Greenland. One legend states that the vessel had left England in 1761 and arrived in the East next year. On return, the captain chose to travel along the northern coast of North America, the so-called,, Northwest Passage, "which unites the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. The ship never arrived at their destination, however, is sighted for the last time at 75 ° N 160 ° W, approximately 400 kilometers north of Barrow in Alaska.

In another legend, published in 1905, the vessel is called,, Gloriana "and the route through the Northwest Passage is not mentioned at all. Another story, published in the Gazette December 13, 1828,, The Ariel: A Literary Critical Gazette and "does not contain even a reference to the name of the ghost ship.
Octavius wreck myth inspired, over time, many writers and filmmakers. For example, French artist Jacques Tardi graphic novel published in 1974,, Ice Demon ", which takes place in 1889, the vessel,, L'Anjou" in the Barents Sea. Sailors are, at some point, a ghost ship, The Iceland,, loafer "and on board, all crew members frozen. Immediately after the discovery, the vessel,, L'Anjou" exlpodează and sailors remain captive ship -ghost.

Ship appears in the video game Assassin's Creed III, when the main character, Connor, looking for clues as to where is the lost treasure of Captain Kidd.

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