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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

IMPRESSIVE discovery on Pluto. How will it affect the planet's atmosphere?

After Pluto was no longer called planet, this was the highlight for scientific discoveries.

Discovering New Horizons probe conducted and other studies of Pluto changed the ideas we had about dwarf planet researchers.

Now a team of researchers has discovered something remarkable: Pluto emit X team used data from NASA's Chandra Observatory, which showed four times, from February 2014 to August 2015, that Pluto emits low-energy photons X-ray light

,, We first detected X-rays which are emitted by an object in the Kuiper Belt Pluto and I understand that interacts with the solar wind in an unexpected way, '' said Carey Lisse, leader of the team that conducted the study.

Impressive aspect is that photons of low energy could come from solar winds entering the planet's atmosphere pitice.Combination nitrogen, carbon and oxygen likely attract photons from the solar wind, creating beacons of radiation X.

X-ray detection and provides information about how Pluto works. If X-rays are created disintegrated in the atmosphere mean that Pluto's atmosphere burns slowly in space.

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