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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sasuke's story, first samurai without Japanese origins . It was a black slave

The work ,, Ecclesiastique Histoire Des Isles Du Japon Royaumes Et '', written by Francois Solier, Yasukata first Japanese samurai who had originally been described as a Muslim in Mozambique. In other works was speculation that Yazuke had come from Portugal, Angola and Ethiopia.

In 2013 an investigation was suggested that Yasukata as part of Maku ethnic group and would be called Yasukata. Although it was a journalistic investigation in the paper they were found very little evidence of journalists conclusions. He would also have been a member of the Yao people who were in contact with the Portuguese at that time, which would have influenced the samurai name. Yao's ,, '' and added common suffix for Japanese men ,, Suke ''.

Yasukata arrived in Japan in 1579, the Italian Jesuit Alessandro Valignano servant, who was appointed visitor ,, '' (inspector) of the Jesuit missions in the Indies (meaning East Africa). Yasukata accompanied him on Valignano when he arrived in the capital in March 1581, making sensation. In the event, several people were crushed to death while huddled up to see Jesuits who feared that their church would be destroyed in the melee. Famous naval military Nobunaga heard the noise of the temple. Suspecting that his black skin Yasukata were stained with black ink, Nobunaga put him the man to undress from the waist up and forced him to rub his skin.

These events have been documented in a letter in 1581 to Louis Frois Jesuit missions in the Annual Report of the Jesuits in Japan (1582). Satisfied that he was black, Nobunaga would have received in his service (according to Japanese records, which did not exist in European records). The work ,, Lord Nobunaga Chronicles', confirms these beliefs Frois meeting describing them. 

,, On 23 the second Monday (March 23 1581), a black page has arrived for Christian countries. The man was healthy, look good and have a very good conduct. Also, Nobunaga rated power of man, claiming to be the equivalent power of ten normal people. Nobunaga's grandson would be given a sum of money Yasukata's first meeting.

In May, Yasukata with Nobunaga went to his castle in Azuchi. According to testimony at the time, it would have been knighted. Journalist Matsudaira she described the man as being 188 centimeters tall. His stature was very impressive for the Japanese in those days. Matsudaira said the man was called Yasukata.

Also Yasukata could speak fluent Japanese Valignano thanks to his efforts, to ensure that its missionaries to adapt to local culture. Nobunaga's because he was pleased to discuss with Yasukata, he spoke Portuguese because Yasukata could not speak fluent Chinese classical. Apparently, Yasukata was the first fighter ,, '' with Japanese origins that are subordinate to Nobunaga, who helped his rapid ascension status.

According to the archives of Maeda Clan, his Yasukata I was offered a residence and a short ceremonial katana. Also, Nobunaga instructed him to be the bearer of arms.

In June 1582, Nobunaga was attacked and forced to perform seppuku in Kyoto by Akechi Mitsuhide army. Yasukata was present at the time and was fought EYOF Akechi. After the death of Nobunaga, Yasukata joined Nobunaga's heir, Nobutada Oda, who was trying to join forces to Nijo Castle. Yasukata long fought alongside the forces of Nobutada, but finally surrendered his sword to Akechi's men. They have asked himself what to do with him Akechi. Akechi said that the black man is a beast that knows nothing and is not even Japanese, but it was not sentenced to death, but makes him nanban-dera temple in southern barbarians.

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Source; Vintage News

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