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Saturday, September 24, 2016

One of the greatest scientists in history. He established the optimal dose of poison and hoping to create homunculi

On September 24, 1541 died Paracelsus (Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), alchemist, physician and philosopher, one of the most colorful figures of the Renaissance precursor iatrochimiei making use in the treatment of certain drugs made by chemical synthesis (b. November 10, 1493).

Paracelsus was born in the village of Einsiedeln in Switzerland. From his father, Wilhelm von Hohenheim bombastic, a doctor by profession, received the rudiments of surgery and medicine. At 16, he entered the Paracelsus Medical University of Basel, later moved to Vienna where, in 1510, obtained the baccalaureate in medicine. Paracelsus was trained and famous Johannes Trithemius (1461-1526), ​​abbot of the monastery St. Jakob in Wurzburg, one of the most renowned masters of magic, alchemy and astrology. Under the guidance of the teacher, they have been cultivated his inclinations toward science and occult practices. Thus became one of the first alchemists in the Middle Ages.

In 1516 he obtained a doctorate in medicine at the University of Ferrara, about the same time in which Copernicus studied.

Paracelsus created in a very short time fame in medicine, astrology and toxicology. Very learned, driven by curiosity to decipher the mysteries of the occult sciences, it was characterized by exaggerated pride. The air of superiority that display, including discussions with other scholars, have attracted a great deal of antipathy.

Contribution of toxicology has been shown to be very useful, being the promoter of the idea that the doses are poison. Otherwise, used in small amounts, certain poisons could be used in the treatment of certain disorders. He earned the reputation of appreciation and thanks to ideas and innovation community it offered. In particular, however, he thought he could create homunculi, little people, who once created, would not exceed the height of a foot and which were suitable to play the role of effective servants.

Paracelsus is known for having given the name calling it Zincum zinc and is recognized as the first systematic botanist. His Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim liked to be called Paracelsus, to indicate that he was "the same level" (in Greek "para" means "next", "close") Aulus Cornelius Celsus, who lived Gaius Julius Caesar during his Octavianus Augustus (Augustine) in the first half of the century I.

Paracelsus was accused of alcoholism and disinterest regarding religious ceremonies. In reality he is held to a Doctor of Sacred Scripture (Doctor of Divinity, in short, D. D.), convinced that religious faith must be lived within the human being at an intimate level, not collectively. "Temple is the heart, not within walls," he said.

Invenit Mundo  your presents the main meanings of the day September 24:

1724 - Consecration Văcăreşti Monastery, founded by Prince Nicholas Mavrocordatos, located in the southern part of Bucharest, one of the most valuable monuments of historical and artistic heritage Romanian, Nicolae Ceausescu destroyed.

1829 - Russia and the Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Adrianople Peace.

1896 - was born writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald, one of the leading representatives of the so-called "lost generation" ( "The Great Gatsby," "Gentleness night") (d. December 21, 1940).

1900 - was born poet Dem. Bassarabeanu (d. 1968).

1934 - He was born Manfred Wörner, the German politician, former Secretary General of NATO (1988-1994) (m.13 August 1994).

1941 - Aristide Maillol died, painter and sculptor (b. December 8, 1861).

1989 - He died literary critic and novelist Paul Georgescu (November 1923 n.7).

1992 - Entered into Law no. 102 on the state coat of arms and seal.

1994 - He died poet, essayist and philosopher Grigore Popa (b. July 31, 1910).

1997 - He was retired famous Deep Blue supercomputer that defeated world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, the "Match of the Century" in May 1997.

2003 - The American singer died Rosalie Allen (b. 1924)

2003 - He died actor Lyle Bettger (n. 1915)

2004 - A French writer died Françoise Sagan (n. 1935)

2005 - He died actor Tommy Bond (b. 1926)

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