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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ExoMars is preparing for the great landing on Mars this month 19 October . What is the main purpose of the mission

ExoMars Mission: ESA Targets Meridiani Planum For Schiaparelli Module's October Landing photo:
Schiaparelli spacecraft of the European Space Agency (ESA) has received oridinele landing on Mars. Experts from the ground is expected on October 19, probe to land on the Red Planet.

Launched on March 14, ExoMars mission has propelled two space probes, Trace Gas Orbiter probe landing and Schiaparelli, to Mars. The two probes will separate Saturday (October 16th 2016). If everything works correctly Schiaparelli probe landing on Mars will reach a distance of three days. While Schiaparelli will be on the Martian surface, Trace Gas Orbiter probe will orbit around the Red Planet to study its atmosphere.

ESA - Robotic Exploration of Mars photo:
The probe is scheduled to land at Meridiani Planum region of Mars, area close to the equator. It will enter the Martian atmosphere of 21,000 km / h and had only six seconds to brake and to land safely, ESA officials said.

To ensure that the landing will be carried out according to plan, the probe will monitor sensors altitude above the Martian surface, since last 7 km. When the probe reaches two meters above the surface, will plummet a few moments, then stop thrusters and land on the ground.

Once at ground Schiaparelli on Mars will study wind, humidity, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and other phenomena. Measurements will be sent to the Trace Gas Orbiter. The main purpose of the mission is to pave the way for research of life rover on Mars, which was scheduled to be released in 2018.

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