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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The smallest nuclear power plant in the world. Only 6 meters long and heat 500,000 homes.

China builds the smallest nuclear power plant in the world that will be used over 5 years

This plant will be inside a shipping container and can generate 10 megawatts of heat, enough to cover the needs of 500,000 homes. It will be placed in future on a platform in the South China Sea. Known as Hedianbao or nuclear battery portable small power plant measured 6.1 meters 2.6 meters. It can work for several decades until you have refueled. Moreover, it may be used to desalinate large quantities of water which subsequently can be used as fresh water.

However, there is a risk that some of the incidents to cause a release of nuclear power, which may be catastrophic, and the temperature of the sea water in which it will be placed to increase. However, researchers are trying to convince the population that it is extremely safe.

Source:  Daily Mail

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