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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who was Helen Duncan: "The Witch" of Winston Churchill

"Recipe" of a classic ritual
The tradition that great leaders are surrounded by witches or any other kind of people with paranormal powers to benefit from the qualities and their advice has its origins in ancient times, when every leader of a tribe or king had shaman or magician its . 

The custom was perpetuated even in modern and contemporary. Just remember the situation in the former Soviet Union, where despite the atheism of state policy against religion and mysticism, almost all communist leaders from Stalin and ending with Brezhnev had their own 'witch' - most often women certain qualities paranormal took account of whose advice religiously. Even to us, it is notorious case of Elena Ceausescu who often steered to a mysterious witch Buzau area named Laila. 

But who would have expected, however, as Winston Churchill, one of the largest European leaders of the last century have had so much interest on occultism that rely on the advice controversial Helen Duncan, none other than the penultimate woman in England official accused of witchcraft?

Helen Duncan photo:
Poverty and war

Misty and mysterious realm of Scotland, where early last century still rampant myths of pagan Celtic and Scotland, and belief in the paranormal, occult phenomenology was still common among men, was the birthplace of Helen Duncan controversial. It was born on 25 November 1897 Callander, a small town in the county of Stirling.

According to testimony loved ones, the little Helen had submitted certain psychic qualities since childhood. While he was at school, the girl drew the attention of those around them not only through series of prophecies neşteptat accurate, but also its behavior, often hysterically and uncontrollably.

Between "bullshit" and witchcraft ...

Despite the not very rosy situation, Helen Duncan persevered and engaging all the energy and creativity to perform seances as authentic. Soon, his efforts were successful, and more and more people began to seek, some driven by curiosity, while others were convinced by those who had already been direct witnesses of demonstrations inexplicable during meetings woman coming from the mists of Scotland.

Spiritism its meetings became increasingly bizarre, so attractive. These strange events that culminated in Cosntanta the materialization of large amounts of ecoplasmă coming out of the woman's mouth.

"Ghosts" false cloth made of gauze, which appeared on the eve of Helen Duncan during séances

Domanial ectoplasm of the paranormal is a term that describes the materialization of a substance "externalized" psychic trance when it enters the preliminary invocation of spirits. This material appears bizarre and usually flows from the mouth of a person with psychic role and is used by spiritual beings who wrap their bodies in it immaterial to interact with the physical world, palpable.

Ectoplasm (paranormal) photo:
According to magicians and witches, so-called ectoplasm (whose existence is seriously negated by scientists) can not appear under day or strong light, very easy for disintegrated. Gustav Geley, a research physicist phenomenology paranormal enthusiast ectoplasm would have a composition very varied, sometimes vaporous, most often as a paste or membrane sails with fringe.

Helen Duncan exoplodat Fame since 1928, when the photographer Harvey Metcalfe made several photos during séances conducted by Helen Duncan. Photos captured on film aşaziselor materialization of spirits, including the emergence of the spirit "Peggy" that Ms. Duncan claimed to be his guide in tenebrosul maze of astral realms. In fact it was the beginning of troubles for the woman medium. 

Three years later, in London Spiritualist Association, a forum 
where phenomenology seriously investigate paranormal discovered with amazement that ectoplasm materialized Helen, it was actually composed of gauze cloth, paper and egg white ...

One of the tricks women consists of swallowing this mixture, followed by regurgitation of material during the hearing, the material presented as ectoplasm, ethereal substance associated with any seances classic!

To demonstrate that it is only a sham, members of the Association have asked Helen to swallow a small amount of methylene blue before its meetings to prove once and for all if materialized ectoplasm, or its mixture commonly would have the unmistakable blue of methyl.

Cornered, Scottish witch refused. Moreover, he continued undisturbed to his business.

Thus, during a seances in Edinburgh, when the spirit of a little girl had appeared in the room, someone turned on the light in the room and the spirit proved to be a doll made of rags and socks ...

Spiritualistic circle members called police immediately and Helen Duncan was fined on the spot with the sum of 10 pounds.

Churchill's concerns and its abolition Witches

The incident has frightened Helen, who with the help of her husband has resumed. Even if Spiritualist Association members in London have declared a fraud, the interest enjoyed by spiritualism in British society since then, and those few prophets Dunc hit Helen, they have brought her back quickly for people.

During the Second World War, Helen lived in Porthsmout, where he and Starfleet Headquarters British Military famous Royal Navy. Then there was chance that brought Helen attention of Winston Churchill, the most famous and appreciated British prime minister in history. In 1941, during a regular meeting of spiritualism in the dark room appeared, apparently, the spirit of a sailor who said he had just died alongside his comrades during sufundării a battleship Barham entitled.

According to witnesses visual on phantom sailor cap could read signs sale- ship HMS "Barham". Coincidentally or not, exactly the same day, the ship HMS "Barham" was sunk after its torpilării by German submarine U-331 in Mediterranean waters. Under the policy pursued by the British War Council, loss of the ship was officially released just a few months later after the incident, not to influence public morale in wartime and mislead German intelligence services.

HMS's fate "Barham" knew just British secret agents and personal Churchill. Obviously, the British authorities were notified after learning the outcome seance and arrested her on the spot Helen alongside three other people in his audience.
Duncan remained in custody in Portsmouth magistrates on charges formally Vigilance Section 4 of the Act, a law passed in 1824 on charges of practicing fortune-telling, spiritualism and astrology.

The trial was conducted in secret because the Allies were preparing for landing in Normandy, and feared that Helen Duncan, con artist or not, somehow do not find means paranormal date and place of landing of Day Z. How the application of the 1824 law, Helen would have escaped with only a modest fine, the prosecutor asked for the application of paragraph 4 of the famous witchcraft Act of 1735, a code of laws more harshly on witchcraft.

It seems that the prosecutor who handled the case, was so indebted tradition in conservative Victorian asked that sentencing women to death. How were still in the 20th century, the judges decided imprisonment. Some researchers and historians claim that switching imprisonment for a few months would be held after the intervention of Winston Churchill, himself an enthusiast of the occult, member of Order of Old Druids an occult society interested among other capabilities paranormal of Scots. 

The same historians say that during the months when the state closed, Helen Duncan would have communicated Churchill important information regarding the conduct of war, and therefore valuable suggestions for decisions and subsequent actions of the person nicknamed "Bulldog" for strength and proverbial inner fortitude.

According to information sent relatively recently by two researchers from the British Society for the Study of paranormal phenomena, there are documents according to which during its short period of detention, including Marshal Hugh Downing, commander of the famous Royal Air Force would fiparticipat alongside Churchill meetings spiritsm cell of Helena!

Coincidentally or not, immediately after the war, one of the first measures taken by Churchill visa abolishment of "Law Witches" after that was judged and condemned protected its law that the great statesman he considered unworthy, backward and ill British society. The law was changed so Fraudster called the Mediums Act, a series of measures quackery scam condemning those who receive income from activities such as guessing material. 

Witchcraft Act was originally formulated as a collection of laws on which to eradicate the belief in witches and witchcraft.

For many years, public opinion everywhere believed that Helen Duncan was the last woman in Britain who had been convicted on charges that he was a witch. The truth was quite different. Just days after his conviction, a new accused. Her name, Jane Rebecca Yorke, it had also been accused of witchcraft, but because of his advanced age, escaped from prison in return for a modest fines.

Helen Duncan was released from prison on 22 September 1944 and from then until 1956, the year of his death, was occupied solely by spiritsm and "embodiment" of ectoplasm. His descendants who consider not only the last witch of England, but also a national hero, launched a campaign to rehabilitate his name and reputation, which continues to this campaign.

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