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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Creepy assassination of Ramesses III. After thousands of years, Egyptologists reveals how great king was killed

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New research reveals that the royal mummy of the pharaoh was killed by multiple assailants who pounced on his group, with various types of weapons.

Besides the plotters have cut his throat, advanced imaging techniques revealed that the thumb of the pharaoh was cut. This would have been kept deliberately secret of Egyptians embalmed.

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A new book written by Egyptologist Zahi Hawass and radiologist Sahar Saleem, from Cairo University, entitled "Scanning Pharaohs Imaging CT royal mummies of the New Kingdom", describes recent findings. Using scanning computed tomography (CT), the team was able to find new evidence of an ancient conspiracy against Ramses III.

Previous research has allowed the team to determine the cause of death. Scientists have discovered the cause of death of Ramesses III - a cut throat with a sharp knife, which has split the trachea and esophagus. This would be killed instantly.

Recent study by the team found the Pharaoh, his death almost time suffered various wounds from weapons being involved revealing more attackers.

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"The finger's great Ramesses III was probably cut with an ax," said radiologist Sahar Saleem.

Because plague is in anatomical perspective, away from the wound that caused death and caused by a different weapon scientists believe that this injury would have been caused by another attacker.

While a plotter attacked in front with an ax or a sword, another person attacked from behind with a knife or dagger.

"It is very likely that the Egyptians embalmed pharaoh who try to obscure pharaoh finger assassination," said Saleem Live Science.

Attempts in the late 1800s to unpack mummy could not find his legs, which were linked in thick layers of bandages covered with tar. The body was also "fattening" with packaging materials inserted under the skin to beautify Pharaoh him to the afterlife.

Pharaoh Ramesses III ruled Egypt between 1186-1155 BC
According to Live Science, ancient documents reveal that one of his wives, Tiye, organized the assassination of Pharaoh in order to secure the throne for her son Pentawere.

Pentawere was second after his half-brother, Amun-HER-khepeshef and in a plot involving servants, administrators and other members of the royal family, Tiye organized the assassination of Ramses III and overthrow his successor to appoint Pentawere Pharaoh.

Pharaoh was killed, but the conspirators were judged for their deed and all, including Tiye and Pentawere were executed.After being called pharaoh, Amun-her-khepeshef became Ramses IV.

While details of the ancient papyri were talking about assassination pharaoh Ramesses III, there was no evidence to CT scanning.

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