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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The biggest mistake in the history of science.

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Science is one of the most remarkable innovations of mankind. This was a source of inspiration and understanding of social change, economic and medical. However, some findings have brought more destruction than benefit. Here is one of the biggest mistakes in the history of science.

One of the biggest mistakes in the history of science has been to divide people into different races. The theory behind the barbaric acts, to slavery and genocide. It is now used to explain social inequalities.

Human races were invented by anthropologists such as Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in the eighteenth century, the classification of new groups of people discovered and exploited during the expansion of European colonialism.

From the beginning, the subjective nature of the classification of the breed was recognized globally. Mostly, the race was justified by cultural and language differences between groups of people and not by biological differences. Until the twentieth century, the existence of races was considered a natural right as anthropologists wanted to explain differences in biological psychology, including intelligence, education and socio-economic differences between groups of people.

One critical race theory American anthropologist Ashley Montagu was saying in 1941, this omelet ,, ,, race called '' can not exist outside of statistics that has been reduced by anthropologists imagination ''.

Currently, in a study that involved more than 3,000 atropologi they responded to certain issues regarding the actual existence of the breed, its role in medicine, genetic testing and use of the term today.

The statement ,, human population can be subdivizionată in biological races' was ruled by a percentage of 86%. However, the statement ,, racial categories are biologically determined 'anthropologists have refuted it with a percentage of 88%.

The study can not say that there is consensus among anthropologists that the races are not real.

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